Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dig a Little Deeper.

Takin' a poll.  Which one sucks the most?  Getting scolded by your boss (3 tiers up) due to a failed business relationship costing millions, followed by the worst stink eye, lasting for what seems like forever...or having sex with Charlie Sheen? win, it's a no brainer.  But what if your job means the world to you?  It's one of the few tangible strongholds that assists in survival, in today's world anyway.  Without your job, you have zero funds for all the things unnecessary.  Sure, society will keep you alive, but you all know there's little 'oomph' factor in living off society.  The confidence lost, insecurities and self esteem dump make it difficult to get back on our feet again. 

By the way, you still win.  I just thought I'd throw it out there.  The comparison was of two back to back nightmares, dreamt in the seriously whacked out mind of yours truly.  Dream number one, not so great.  Dream number two...GROSS.  How do we come up with this stuff?!  And for the record, I do just fine in my role at work.

Back to ground zero.  We haven't all been there, but a lot of us have.  Some of us worse than others.  On the record again, I too have been there.  Last year being one of my most down n' dirty years, I too experienced what it was like to admit failure and hold out my cup for spare change.  Not literally, of course.  But at the cost of your tax dollars and my parent's much appricated love and support, you betcha.

Here's the thing.  Yeah, it sucks.  But for all you going through it or maybe about to go through it, there is nothing wrong with tuckin' your tail and still holding your head high.

My 4 year old, Isabella, and I enjoyed a movie together tonight.  Disney's Princess and the Frog.  Great movie, maybe one of my favorites.  I couldn't get over the impressive message that Disney drilled into the brains of all watching, throughout the entire movie.  Here's a small excerpt of lyrics in one of the catchiest tunes:

You got to dig a little deeper
For you it’s gonna be tough
You got to dig a little deeper
You ain’t dug near far enough
Dig down deep inside yourself
You’ll find out what you need
Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed

Sometimes I believe that Disney is really made for adults, with kid friendly language and bright colors to entertain the little ones while parents actually get a bit of silence and a slap of reality...that's just one opinion, of course.

Here's the thing.  For all of you in a rut, let's face it, you're going nowhere fast.  However, you have one problem (the rut, don't complicate things) with multiple solutions.  The odds are in your favor! 

To put it simply, I consider myself to have an easy life.  I'm a single mom (managing my child 12 out of 14 days) working a full time and part time job (making squat), can't seem to collect full child support in the last two years, and am still seriously contemplating going to school part time.  I rarely treat my own self, spend each week budgeting what I can and can't spend at the grocery store, up at 5am, mayyyybe work out, coffee, chauffeur, work, chauffeur, work, clean, cook, clean, clean, wipe butts and get silence only when I don't dream about angry boss's or Charlie Sheen.  I really don't get what's so hard about it.  Suck it up, go to work, love your family, do your absolute best in everything you do and don't sleep with Charlie Sheen.  It's really that simple.

In the words of Princess Tiana, "It serves me right for wishing on stars. The ONLY way to get what you want in this world is through hard work."

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Good Post,
    Yes things do get pretty rough at times, but above all else don't allow yourself to situate yourself in events that make things worse.

    Feel free to link to my blog,which i started to keep myself motivated for endurance mtb races. and although I'm not super active on it I find it therapeutic to rant on there from time to time..

    Stay focussed and positive for yourself and your family..


  2. Now you tell me about the "don't sleep with Charlie Sheen" rule. Where were you that crazy night in vegas.